The Right Path in Health and Fitness?

Who knows the right way for each and every person to reach their health and fitness goals? The answer is, no one! Each of us are different in many respects when it comes to our individual anatomy and respective differences physiologically. Many of us simply wish to reverse a weight problem that seems to have crept up over the last 10 or so years, while others wish to cut a whole second off their best 100m sprint time.

So is the answer to bite the bullet and hire a personal trainer (PT)? Yet you may have all heard that there are so many cowboys in the PT industry, and even the occasional horror story about the person who was sent to the point of throwing up from being driven so hard by that (inexperienced) PT. To be honest, in the years of my PT career I myself heard many of these stories, but they weren’t always the PT’s fault. The main difficulty comes in finding a PT that has solid maturity in his or her profession.

So now that things are so thoroughly confusing its time to see a solid path for you to walk in regards to the health and fitness facet of your life. My name is Michael Anderson, I together with my very experienced colleagues will, day after day, week after week, and year after year show you that the path is made clearer with “balance”. Extremes abound in our lives and the health and fitness industry is sometimes thriving on these extremes. Things that should really be quite simple, have been muddied and sullied. “The balance” of health and fitness lies in a few key areas.

One is knowing that what you are reading, hearing or seeing is actually a whole truth. There are many products, services and pieces of advice out there that are half truths at best. Another aspect is understanding the fundamentals of health and fitness, which does not take doing a masters on the subject. It actually just takes being shown clearly, by those who know.

I ran my own PT company for 10 successful years. My own path within health and fitness started at age 15. With experience after experience, and having found myself within the throws of the industry even before I actually did my qualifications, things came very naturally. To be honest, my career really stabilized when my personal maturity within the industry began to grow, and I feel this is the case for virtually all industries. Anyone can tell you to keep running or keep lifting, but not just anyone can listen to your thoughts and wishes, ask the right questions and see a solid and sustainable path for you to run down and hopefully achieve your dreams and wishes.

In “The Balance” our whole focus is to illuminate the path for you so that you can see clearly how things work and why. In time it will also give you a trusted and reliable touchstone through our blog. We do the research on new food fads, we find the right answers to the questions you ask on our blogs, we show the good habits of both mind and matter and we give you truly helpful daily information that you can take into your workouts and food planning criteria. We also unearth the truth about food and training supplements out there which are all vying for your hard earned money. The brain of “The Balance” is actually multi faceted, for we are three brains working as one. My colleagues are highly experienced in multiple fields and mature within this dynamic and exciting industry of ours.

Once again, welcome to “The Balance” and I look forward to hearing from you in our blog section and supplying you with all the inside and outside knowledge that brings longevity and success to your health and fitness paths.